Lent’s Compass. Day Eleven: Where Love Blooms.

This is the irrational season
When love blooms bright and wild.
Had Mary been filled with reason
There’d have been no room for the child
~ Madeleine L’Engle The Weather of the Heart, p. 45

Life is irrational. We don’t want it to be. We carefully map out plans and hope to execute them flawlessly. The perfect birthday picnic. The vacation of our dreams. The career defining business presentation. As much as we plan, we can’t stop the rain from falling. We can’t prevent the house from being robbed while we’re away. We cannot envision the LCD projector bulb burning out as our presentation is about to begin. Life happens.

When it does, the plans upon which we had placed so much hope, are ruined. Most of us don’t give up. We keep going. Now, I may throw an adult-sized tantrum before I let go. I still let go. Not because unconsciously I realize that there are no limits to life’s irrationality. Not because I believe that no matter how irrational an event seems it is part of God’s plan, so there must be a reason.

I go in because I know that it’s in the unexpected places that I am likely to find God. It’s not that God is present in those moments more. Rather, the absurdness of life allows me to forget my attachment to my plans. I let go. I change. When I do, the craziness gives way and “love blooms bright and wild.”


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