Lent’s Compass. Day Thirteen: The Super-man God.

The gods we erect are easier to worship than the Creator of the universe. They’re more comprehensible. The God I believe in is not comprehensible in finite, moral terms. God is infinite, immortal, all-knowing. I have a point of view. But God has view. But we don’t like having to depend on that which we cannot control, manipulate, dominate. ~ Madeleine L’Engle From an interview in Christianity Today, June 8, 1979.

Life is terrifying. To me, one of the scariest things about the tsunami that hit Japan is the speed with which the water engulfed whole towns. People who survived the earthquake and were likely to have been relieved to do so, drowned. I have friends looking for friends. From what I know, most have been found. Others still hope.

In the midst of this terror, we need a God that makes sense to us. A God who loves us. Who understands us. A God of compassion who meets our needs. In our haste to find this God, we turn God into someone like us. You’ve done this if you’ve ever thanked God for changing every traffic light when you’re running late to pick up the kids. This same God even finds you a convenient parking spot. Sometimes when you’re running late for a doctor’s appointment God slows the doctors day. While the clock says you’re late? God’s blessed you. You’ve arrived at the office with time to spare. Best of all are the times when there’s a Fluevog sale and a shoe you like is in your size and under $50. You can’t get to the store for a week and if it’s still there when you do? It’s a miracle! God is especially showing you favor. That’s a God that works for us. It’s not too far from this:

Life is scary. We have much to be anxious about. In the face of that, belief in a Creator who is incomprehensible is an enormous leap. It’s easier to believe in a God who is just like us. A Super-man God.


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