Sunday’s Word: Watch!

Watch! What dreams are you hoping will come true? Is it for a job? A better one? Ease in the job you have? For your spouse to finally understand you? Or for a spouse, finally? For kids? Or for your kids to just “get it?” Are you expecting the dream to come true, because you deserve it? Or are you expecting to settle, for whatever reason.

“Watch!” Friday night, I said to a friend, “I bet we started talking because I wanted to help you, even though, what I needed was someone to stand in the gap, with me. All this time that’s what you’ve been doing, helping, me.” Part of me wanted to say, “you weren’t supposed to do that.” Often, when dreams come true our fantasy of what that will look like is lost in the process.

“Watch!” What you are waiting for may not come as you expect. The fulfillment you hope for, may even take place inside-out, not outside-in. If you don’t look to find it there, if you don’t let go of the way it’s supposed to happen, you may miss it. Watch!


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