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Everyone Makes Mistakes

Last night like many people, I was watching the TV show, Grey’s Anatomy. I think sometimes that I worship at the Church of Grey’s. One of the things I like about the show is that it’s so full of life. Episode to episode, folks take a step forward and then one or two back. Episodes don’t resolve in nice packages in the last few minutes, the way many shows do. It’s complicated. There’s no saving the world on Grey’s Anatomy. It is that way because life is that way.

The lesson of last night’s episode was “everyone makes mistakes.” It’s such a fundamental truth. Once an error has been made, it’s rare that a single decision or action will remedy it completely. More often, when we attempt to right things with a single conversation or email, we make things worse.

The only way to get to the other side of an error, of a mistake, is to move through it. Step by step. Moment by moment. Conversation by conversation. Along the way, keep reminding yourself that everyone makes mistakes.